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frequently asked questions

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We encourage you to read the FAQs listed below. Feedback from our users has helped us to create this list of questions and answers.

General Information:

What is xtreamcard?

Xtreamcard has been finding the best verify PayPal account, Physical Visa, MasterCard and all gift card deals and helping to save shoppers money since 2020. Our virtual Visa and MasterCard can be registered in any name and any US, Canada or international billing address.

Is xtreamcard legit?

Our loyal users love xtreamcard. If you've never purchased a gift card at a discount before, we understand the concept can raise a few questions. Luckily, the sellers listed on offer buyer protection to ensure you receive the correct gift card with the promised balance. Learn more about our Consumer Protection.

How can I save money using xtreamcard?

Xtreamcard saves you money by finding you the best deal on gift cards, whether you are buying a card to save yourself money or buying it as a gift for a friend. Get cash back or a discount on brand new gift cards when you buy Granny director; explore offers from a variety of sellers in the secondary marketplace. Combine discount gift cards with store coupons and sales for ultimate savings.

How do you order no understanding?

Please visit our blog page.

Where is your office address?

Our office is in Malaysia; all our activities are conducted in Malaysia! We have no office in Bangladesh; we are working in Bangladesh and Pakistan as affiliates. PayPal 'Unsupported' plans to continue our service in all countries in the future.

PayPal Account

Why you’re PayPal account best?

If you are using a PayPal account in the USA with false information that limits your account for any reason, you will never get your PayPal dollars and PayPal account back. So, we will ask you to use the Malaysian Prepaid Remittance Visa Card Verified PayPal Account. Even if your account is limited, you can transfer your PayPal dollars to any bank and bKash in Bangladesh through your Visa card. Also, since the PayPal account is under your passport, you can appeal to activate the account. In general, you can use the PayPal account with 100% original information. You will have the opportunity to add a total of 20 currencies, including USD, to your PayPal account. You can use any currency as your primary currency.

What is the advantage of a Malaysian PayPal account?

The biggest advantage you get from a Malaysian PayPal account is that if for any reason your account has a limit or other problem, You don't need SSN for verification + no bank info Malaysian PayPal will ask you, they will ask for the statement of that card if you have it. In that case, the Visa card we are providing you is enough because it is authorized through Malaysian CIMB Bank! Also, your passport is mandatory to open your account. Because we will open the account with your passport information. This will be completed according to your information. If there is a problem with your account for any reason, you can manually restore the account with your document proof. And with Malaysia, Bangladesh has good business and employment opportunities. As their foreign policy with Bangladesh is good, many Bangladeshis are easily enjoying PayPal and other banking facilities.

What are the solutions to the PayPal limit?

It is very common to limit PayPal account. Malaysian PayPal account must limit after 3000 ringgit transaction and will ask you for Identity documents and Proof of address documents. We will provide you Card PDF Statement for address verification and you will submit your passport for Identity Verification. Verification will be completed in 3-4 days.

If my account is banned or suspended for any reason, can I return the dollars in my PayPal account?

Get 100%! Because, you are receiving your earned dollar payment through a PayPal account verified with false information from the USA, Cyprus, or Dubai. Someone is transferring to cash. Whenever PayPal finds out that your activities are suspicious, PayPal will ask you for your identity and bank information. You can't give accurate information and you can't withdraw stuck dollars. Sadly, these dollars cannot be cashed in to your account through any bank in Bangladesh. Some will open a Malaysian PayPal account with your passport information. And also link the Visa card with this PayPal account. You can pass any verification of PayPal because your passport information, Visa card information are the same. And can submit passport copy and monthly statement of the card as documents. In any case, even if PayPal closes your account, the dollars in your PayPal account will be transferred to your Visa card. You are 100% safe. And you can withdraw money from this transfer from Physical Visa card supported ATMs anywhere in the world! In Bangladesh, Brac, EBL, City, MTB Bank are giving better support in this case!

Why SSN or bank verification is not required?

These 2 do not apply to Malaysian PayPal. So no worries! OK if you have a passport, photo, and card statement!

How many days will it take to deliver if you order a PayPal account?

If you take a physical card with 4 business days, and if you take a virtual card 3 days, you will get a SIM card if you place any order.

Is there any limitation in the transaction in Malaysia PayPal?

PayPal accounts do not normally have any limitations but PayPal can ask for any type of verification at any time based on your transactions. You can regularly receive payments, make payments and withdraw from PayPal to Visa card.

If there is a verification problem with the receipt, payment or withdrawal, what is the solution?

If any PayPal policy is breached through your transaction, PayPal may suspend your account. In this case, the remaining balance of your account will be transferred to your Visa card. Since the PayPal account will be registered according to your passport information, you can easily complete any verification. You can see the PDF statement of the card for address verification.

What to say about Tax ID?

This PayPal account is best for small or medium quality freelancers, digital marketers or small e-commerce entrepreneurs! And you don't need taxes or other proof for this! If you can provide screenshots of your online income or other income source documents, PayPal will see this! And if you don't think I want to do a million dollar business, then the best solution is to register a business account in Malaysia with someone's help. Use bank in case of large size payment! Small or medium quality freelancers are free in this case! The rest depends on the type of your transaction!

Will you give with VPN?

 I have my own VPN that can be used we will give you free VPN service. If you have a VPN service of your choice, you can use it. After using VPN for the first 3-4 months, you can use it from Bangladeshi IP as your account will be opened with Bangladeshi passport.

Can I use PayPal mobile app from Bangladesh for balance check, send and withdraw?

You can use PayPal mobile apps. However, you need to be careful about whether your IP will be leaked in the apps. We therefore recommend the use of PC!

How long does it take to receive a payment on a PayPal account?

Maximum time "instant" will be received and withdrawn if there is no issue in your account or the sender's account. Some payments may be on hold for 21 days, you will try to take the payment to Friends & Family.

PayPal and card verification I want to do myself. It is possible?

Yes, of course possible! You will be assisted through our tutorial on adding cards to PayPal and completing the verification that you can do yourself. This means that you will be able to perform all the registration process yourself. We will have full guidelines and support for you.

Reloadable Visa & Master card

I want to know the details about your remittance visa card?

Our Visa Card is an International Prepaid Remittance Visa Card. This remittance Visa card is managed through website and mobile apps! With this card we will verify your Malaysian PayPal account. This card has many extra features like, With this card you can load dollars from your PayPal account, make Facebook Boosting, Domain - Hosting payments, Neteller / Skrill account deposits, Alibaba or AliExpress payments, online shopping or various website payments. This means that with a PayPal account, you get an international payment gateway service that is a payment solution authorized by the Malaysian Central Bank. This is not a virtual payment solution!

What kind of your card item?

We have two attractive packages: Virtual Visa Card (all country) and Plastic Visa Card (only Bangladesh). With this plastic Visa card, you can easily withdraw dollars from any ATM in Bangladesh or the world by transferring dollars from PayPal!

Remittance Visa card from PayPal, and what is the charge of ATM Withdraw?

Withdrawal of more than 300 ringgit on remittance Visa card from PayPal is free of charge. And in case of withdrawal from the card, Card to bKash 7.50 RM, Card to Bank 7.50 RM and Card to ATM 10 RM

How will the remittance Visa card be handled? How long can the card are renewed? What to do if lost?

All the activities of Remittance Visa Card are managed through website and mobile apps! The card is the registration under your passport done! The validity of the card is until 2024 +, you can renew the card later by contacting us or the card provider company! Renewal charges 50 USD. The same process even if the card is lost!

What is the limit of your remittance Visa card, and what is the charge?

The holding limit of our remittance Visa card is 2500 USD per day, and you can withdraw 750 USD per day! And monthly charge 2.50 RM ($0.55)

Can the currency of your remittance Visa card be changed? How will the dollar exchange rate be?

The default currency of the card is Malaysian Ringgit. But online you can pay in any currency (USD, EUR, JPY etc.). The balance will be deducted by calculating according to the international visa exchange rate.

How many days will it take to deliver if you order a Reloadable Visa & Master card?

If you take a physical card 4 business days, and virtual card 3 days.

Malaysian SIM card

What is the function of SIM card, how to use it, what is its charge?

It is an international roaming SIM card. Only you can receive OTP code of Visa card, message of transaction, message of offer of card! Reminder note: Your SIM needs to be reloaded at least 10 ringgit once every 2 months. If you do not reload within this time frame, the SIM will be terminated. In that case you have to get a new SIM.

Can I call someone with this SIM?

Yes can make calls, but cannot receive incoming calls.

Will this SIM card get network in Bangladesh?

Yes, it is a roaming SIM, Grameenphone and Robi network available for Bangladesh.

Will my name be engraved on the SIM or card?

No! There will be card and SIM intake. Your passport will be registered under!

How do I load the balance on the SIM card?

The SIM can be reloaded from Visa Card's mobile apps or from the SIM card's web portal!

Buying Gift Cards on xtreamcard

Are the gift cards plastic or electronic?

xtreamcard offers both plastic visa cards and electronic gift cards. The type of gift card that we have offers for are listed for selection at the top of our brand specific pages, as well as shown next to the gift card item when added to your cart or during checkout.

When will my gift code be made available?

Xtreamcard Direct gift cards are available very quickly, and in most cases instantly, when an order is processed. There may be short delays in between the time an order is placed and when it can be processed, and when the order is processed and when it can be fulfilled. On average, gift card orders are delivered within 10 minutes of processing.

Can I cancel my order?

No. Once an order is placed it may not be cancelled.

How many days will it take to deliver if you order a Gift Cards, Visa & Master card?

On average, All Gift card orders are delivered within 10 minutes of processing. If there is any problem, it will take extra 6 hours.

Are there dollar limits for gift cards?

• Merchant card limits vary typically ranging from $5 - $1000 and are established by the merchant.
• Prepaid VISA and MasterCard gift cards may have any value from $1.00 - $500 / card.

When will my gift order be sent?

Once your order is processed, an email with instructions on how to receive your gift code will be sent to the recipient instantaneously. Once your order is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email from us that your order has been submitted to be shipped, and will arrive within your chosen shipping option window.

Can I return my card and get a refund from xtreamcard?

Yes, According to our refund policy, you can get a refund in the amount of 95% of the card's face value within one month from the date of purchase if your card has not been used in any manner. To get the refund, please contact our Support Team.

Can I sell you a gift card here?

Yes, you can sell us any gift card; contact our support team at Kindly or Live Chat.